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The 5 Excuses For Not Creating A Next Level Team

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Next Level Teams

I am calling this Volunteer Week. If you work with a group  of volunteers or are a volunteer yourself, this week is for you. Teams are better than loners. With teams, more work get’s done, more kids are reached, and we have a greater peace in ministry when we have a team.

I find that their is a certain myth to creating “next level” teams. The term Next Level often conjures images of perfection, increased productivity, bigger commitments, greater loyalty, etc.  and we do ant some of that, but this week is not about creating the perfect team. This week is about moving the needle from terrible to good,  from average to above average, and maybe even good to great. Next Level is not about creating short term supers stars but long term servants who want to go on a journey with our students to help them, serve them, and love them through the good times and bad.

I would think most Youth Pastor’s would love to have a “next level” team but I honestly think the same youth pastors hamper themselves with excuses. How do I know this? Because I have made a few excuses myself.. When I quit making the same excuses over and over my teams came together, stepped up their ministry to kids and made my life a little easier. This is what Volunteer Week scheduled posts will will look  like,


Excuse #1  I Don’t Have Time To Train A Team

Doing small things in a bog way.


Excuse #2 I Am Not A Good Enough Leader To Lead A Team

Dealing with and moving beyond self doubt.


Excuses #3 I Can’t Get People To Volunteer

Making your stuff worth volunteering for.


Excuse #4  The Adults Don’t Really Care About The Youth Ministry Anyway

Dealing with false assumptions that hinder our recruiting process.


Excuse # 5  Our youth group is too small to need more volunteers

If you want  your youth ministry to grow, adding volunteers is a key step.


The first step to creating next level teams is to quit making excuses of why you can’t.


Your Turn

What’s your biggest excuse for not creating a team?

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