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New YouTube Show: The Drop

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the drop

I have been thinking for a while about starting a new show on Youtube. I currently have over 300 videos on my channel about youth ministry but as much as I love youth ministry I am not one dimensional. I have over 300 Christian albums and I want to talk about them as well as the stuff that comes out every week. Welcome to The Drop.

The Drop is a show about Christian Music (for the time being with room to expand) where I dissect albums and talk about how you can use them for your youth ministry. O.k., maybe I may one dimensional. I want the stuff I review to be useful to music lovers but youth pastors looking for an easier way to find the music to use in their ministry .

I’ll review 3-4 albums every Monday. There are 5 categories I will put the songs in (if they fit)

Youth Room – What you want to have pumping as kids walk in.

Worship – What can your band play or that you can play and let kids sing along.

Bible Study – These songs would be great for you to do a bible study with and discuss.

The Arts – If you’re into drama, art, or sign language, these songs would make great creative pieces.

The Altar- These songs would make closers

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You can watch the first episode below

Here are my picks from the show on my Spotify below

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