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My Top 15 Christian Albums of 2015

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To My Top

I listen to a fair amount of music throughout the year. I love most genres and styles. These albums caught by attention, inspired me,  or just got my foot tapping in 2015.

Lauren Daigle – How Can It Be

Jonathan Thulin- Science Fiction

Derek Mason – Empire

KB – Tomorrow We Live

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – Heavenly Fire

Project 86 – Knives To The Future

Stryper – Fallen

Rapture Ruckus – Invader

Capital Kings – II

Pillar – One Love Revolution

Tree 63 – Land

Oh Hello’s – Dear Wormwood

Sandra McCracken – Psalms

Trevor Morgan – Roots


Honorable Mention

Chris Tomlin – Adore

What Christian music albums cranked your engine this year?










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