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Our New Youth Room Walk Through Part 1 and 2

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For those who may not know, or remember, our church was destroyed in the April 27th storms last year. You can read about the storm and the damage HERE and our recovery HERE.

Just recently, we finished the youth and the children’s building and have been meeting it for about a month. I was actually allowed to design our meeting space and so far, it’s working very well. As I did a walk through with our youth volunteers, we took notes about the kind of features we wanted the room to have such as a Grow Are, where kids can pick up there own devotional and spiritual growth material.

Here is Part One of the walk through

Here is Part Two


If you are going to be in your youth meeting space son, i’d love to see it. Could you snap a picture and send it to me? You can send it to Do you have a meeting space that needs help? Send me a pic, maybe I could help.



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