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Metal Band W.A.S.P: From Lawless To Life Giving?

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It was 1982-83 and I went to see Quiet Riot with no idea who was opening. It just so happens that W.A.S.P was the opening band. They were not exactly my style. A few years earlier I had come to faith and in Christ and so I was not into the whole occultist vibe with skulls and blood, but, I was 15-16 years old and it was rock and roll so I jammed through until Quiet Riot took the stage.

I had heard some rumors a while back about Blackie Lawless finding faith but it was not in the forefront of my mind to track this down as I was not a fan of the band or music. I was scrolling though some Christian Metal bands on iTunes and I was shocked to see W.A.S.P ‘s Golgotha in the recommended albums and that it had come out a few day earlier. I listened to the song Golgotha and was blown away by the music and the lyrics.

Here’s the Golgotha chorus

Jesus I need you now
Free me I’m lost somehow
Oh, remember me today
I’m a leper left to hang
Oh, yes I need you now

The song takes the perspective of the thief on the cross and is haunting and hopeful.

The Last Runaway sounds like it was taken right from the Prodigal Son

The price of pride bled down on me
And ransomed my soul
A broken boulevard of dreams
Like misfits and their broken toys
A runaway a slave in chains
I’d lose control
So painlessly, so hard to see
Down this beggar’s road

and Hero Of The World is taken right out of Revelation and how people will view the Anti-Christ

The clock has turned and soon you see
Masses burn and fill the streets
Still we make a lying prophet god
Ooh panic comes and chaos seeds
Sell your freedom for tyranny
Tidal wave is coming better run

Now, I would not say this is a Christian album but Christian themes surely play a powerful part.

If you want to read about Blackie talking about his faith and the new album you can read this excellent article HERE.

I am a long time metal head and it only took 32 years but I’m warming up to the new W.A.S.P.. and I plan on getting the vinyl version for my collection.

Here’s the single for the album

Your Turn:

What do you think about rockers who find faith?

Is their music just as good?

Do you care if the lyrics have a faith bent to them?



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