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*Making Disciples May Take Longer Than You Think (and other warnings)

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An asterisk appears when someone wants to let you know something important like

  • someone collaborated on writing this song
  • there is a special warning about this product
  • there is special information you need to know about this step

The asterisk’s for youth ministry could be for

  • your group may not grow as fast as you think or want or it could get to bigger than you think 
  • results may vary (just because it worked for my group…)
  • your church may not like you
  • your kids won’t always get it or want it
  • disciples may take longer than you think
  • you may not get to stay at this church very long so just do your best
  • you’ll have good and bad days
  • reminder: the church is not perfect and people can be jerks
  • there will be unexpected blessings in spite of your circumstances
  • teenager are more fun than you think
  • batteries not included so have a few red bulls handy

The asterisk, and some of the warnings above, should appear

  • on every youth ministry product
  • on your college diploma
  • on every blog post you write
  • on every tweet
  • and maybe should be tattooed on our butts when we are born

All this to say, life and ministry come with asterisks.. The most important 2 asterisks to remember though is

  • no badly how you screw this up, God will never leave you
  • when you succeed, give all praise to God

What asterisk have you discovered in your live and ministry that you wish had been posted in bolder letters?

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