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Living Without A Net

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This video has me stirred up. Can’t shake it.

I have a net called Youth Ministry. I know how to do it. I’ve been doing it for 25 years. I can assess a group, program a year at a time, and preach fire but it’s still a net. It’s safety to me.

I think of Peter. Following his denial of Jesus, he went back to his safety net, literally, fishing. Jesus had to hunt him down and call him away from that to pursue what God had for him.

What if he had just kept fishing? Yeah.

I can’t keep fishing in familiar places and hope to achieve the things God has put on my heart.

I am getting closer and closer to working without a net. I will have to hustle and God will have to come through or I will fail awesomely. I’m not as hungry as I once was and that has to change for the future I envision to become a reality.

I know I cannot just throw myself to the wind; but the next move I make will be a calculated one and there will be no net .

What’s your net?

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