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Live Like Everyone Is Watching, Because They Are

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I heard a great quote today from Gary Vaynerchuk,

[bctt tweet=”Privacy is dead, and I live within that context – Gary Vaynerchuk ” username=””]

How many leaders have said,

No one will find out

It’s just between you and me

I have security

Disgraced politics? (Private e-mails anyone? )

Embarrassed pro athletes?

Immoral Pasttors?

All of these who have fallen probably have.

The best advice I heard to Pastors, was to be boring. Live a boring life in regards to drawing other to you, especially women. Don’t live a life that attracts who you don’t want in your life. Those are the ones who make you fall.

It’s not like God doesn’t already see everything. Nothing is private or secret from him, but it is not God we fear, it is loss. We don’t want we have to be taken away. God does not take it away, it is the moral man with his standards who does that, executing God’s will directly or indirectly.

Pastor’s lose their churches.

Husbands lose this wives.

Women lose their jobs

All based on the faulty promise that no one will find out their sin. Too late. They’ve already been revealed.

[bctt tweet=”Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:13″ username=””]

So why isn’t this our mantra when conducting out lives?

I don’t know why,  maybe we can start with ‘privacy is dead, and I live within that context.” .





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