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My morning is simple. I have a cup of coffee, I read my Bible and/or devotion book, I write or blog for about an hour, and then I get my rear end in gear. Today I screwed all that up. I wasted time and I thrilled to report that I think I should waste more of it. What made this emotionally teetering rock tumble? Jerry Seinfeld.

I saw there was Super Bowl ad I missed with Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander reprising their roles from the T.V show Seinfeld. I was a fan so I had to check it out. I checked it out but what I discovered was that that this super bowl commercial was actually a short run of episodes of a show called Comedians In A Car Getting Coffee hosted by Jerry Seinfeld on My clicking addiction kicked in and I was off watching more episodes. Here is the episode where my wasting time epiphany descended like manna from heaven

From Crackle: Larry David: Larry Eats A Pancake

This was not a waste of time for me, in fact it was the opposite, this was a soul energizer.

I am a tightly wound person. Everyone I know would tell you that. I structure my my life in a way that maximizes moments and my eyes are always on the horizon.  I am always thinking and people who are not always thinking, planning, and having anxiety attacks about the future bother me. Do they not know time is slipping away?

I sat and watched Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David talk, eat, drink coffee and talk about  life and here is why I need to waste more time

( No bullet points, it’s a radical move for me)

I need closer friends who like to waste time. I need friends who are not too busy to get coffee and talk about nothing, not ministry, not business, not what’s next. I want coffee to be an episode of Jerry Seinfeld, a coffee about nothing.

I need to waste time so I can laugh more at stuff that doesn’t matter. Life is occasionally grim and I need a place where I can laugh and waste time and get some perspective.

I need to relax. Can my life be that important? Can anything be that important. I live life at Defcon 5 all the time and it’s killing me. I have learn to relax and let go of some things or I am going to freak out or worse I will become like some older Pastor’s I know who are stressed out about everything and not enjoying the latter years of their life.

I need to recharge my batteries. I can’t do that when every part of my life is sucking away at me. Doing nothing means I am leaving room for something to enter in a new idea, an encouraging word from God,  or a funny video that turns into  blog post.

If you think wasting time is a waste of time, let me offer some scientific proof found in these articles

Go Ahead: Wasting Time Is Good For You

If You Are Reading This To Waste Time, Good Job!

I know the sacred scripture says “Redeem the time for the days are evil.’ but what if wasting it from time to time was redemptive for our own souls? I know many a man who spent their time saving the whole world and lost their own soul. May be they should have “wasted” some time on themselves and saved a few in the end.

If you want to waste some time in the future, hit me up.

Do you waste too much time? How?

Should you be wasting more time? How can you do this responsibly (or not)





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