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Join The Quiet Resistance

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I have been resisting for years.

Resisting authority

Resisting conformity.

Resisting average.

Lately, I’ve seen the resistance going on in our world and I am not resisting the cause, I am resisting the mode of resisting.

I am resisting hatred.

I am resisting negativity.

I am resisting piling on.

I am resisting flash in the pan protests in favor of quietly protesting every day, my way. I daily resist, Apathy, Negativity, Laziness, and Bullying.

I am in favor of protest. People should act on their convictions. A Protest without love though is not a protest, it’s an angry mob. Love has to go out to those we care for and for the ones against whom we are protesting. One without the other is  just pitchforks and torches afraid of the angry monster.

I want to live a lifestyle of resistance. My life is a protest, but you’ll never see my resistance on a t-shirt,  a banner, or a sign. You will not see it on the news. You will see it in 10,20,30 years in the lives I impact as, one by one, I encourage the people around me to resist

Authority with respect.

Conformity with creativity.

Average with excellence.

I guess some things never change. Join me.




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