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Jesus For The Win: Reaching A Culture of Gamers

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I hate to continue to whine but I am still a little bummed about the Iron Man 3 soundtrack. To ease my pain,  I went back and listened to some other comic book movie soundtracks and here are my Top 4.

Spiderman 2 (I love Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional)

Iron Man 2 (War Machine rocks)

Batman (Prince) and Batman Forever (tie for third)

The Avengers (New Way To Bleed rocks my face off)

Want to add your favorite?  Leave A Comment.


As one who remembers playing the first stand up video game, Pac Man, in a junk store in Brooklyn, New York at 6 years old, I thought, after watching this video from, how far we have come in both video games and ministry.

Gamers used to be the  niche or fringe kids, but I don’t know if we can call gamers fringe anymore; they are mainstream. It’s part of the DNA of our culture. Kids come out of the womb and are given a birth certificate, an IPhone, an IPad, and a game controller. This is the generation we work with. So why don’t I have any video games in my youth room?

Our youth room is not even a year old. I had a wall designated for video games, etc, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Not having video games has neither helped us or hurt us. no kid has complained and said, “When are we getting video games?” and no kid has left our group, to my knowledge, because we did not have video games. I have no plans to go out and buy any big screen t.v.’s and video games, but I am not discounting them either.

I welcome your input and ideas.

Here are my questions for you today:

Do you have video games in your youth room? If no, why not? If yes, why?

What games do you use?

Do you have an outreach to gamers? How does that work?

I’d love a picture of your video game area. You can send it to

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