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Is Your Youth Ministry Lost? Maps Available

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Have you ever been lost in a city or town and stopped to ask for directions? I have and the mistake I made was asking a group of people for directions. There were several ideas of how to get me to my destination. They said things like, “You could take route 22…..” , interruption, “No, no, that;s too long, take the freeway to….”. See what I mean? Each person had a set of directions, a map they wanted to hand me and say, “Go this way.” As far as physical directions go, either way will do you, you just want to get there, but in guiding a youth group, or any organization, you do have a choice.

Choice 1Take the map. Take everyone’s map. I did and I spent  most of my time plotting over the maps and discussing best routes than actually making progress. Ever been through a Youth Convention Exhibit Hall? There are hundreds of maps being given out. The missions map. The small group map. The outreach map. Everyone’s telling you how to get where you want to go, the only problem is they don’t know where you are going and maybe you don’t either. Your Pastor and your denomination have a map too. Harder to ignore but is it the right map for your youth ministry?

Choice 2Glance at the maps you’re given, but decide to draw your own map instead. Get in you prayer closet and ask the Lord which direction you should go. Why go the way everyone else is going? It may not be the right way. It may not be the best way for your youth ministry. God has a map for our ministries which He’ll be happy to share with us.

Do you feel like your youth ministry is lost? God knows the way, just stop and ask for directions.

Have you taken the wrong direction in youth ministry before? How did that happen?

How are you currently finding your way? What device or path are you taking? A class? Blogs? Curriculum? Prayer and a combination of things?

Do you know where you want to take your youth ministry? Where?

I’d love for you share you lost story and how you are finding your way. Let me know in the comments below.

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