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Four Adventurous Qualities You Want In A Mentor

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 Jesus said., “Follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men.”.  The disciples left fishing and went on a journey, an adventure. There is something in a man’s heart that leaps for joy when someone says, “I see potential in you.” They may have interpreted that as, “I find you worthy of my time and company.” Jesus calls us to a one on one mentorship when He calls us to follow him. He mentors us through His Holy Spirit who is the Master Mentor

  • He will guide us into what is true (John 16:13)
  • He speak was is true and not just the wisdom of the day (John 16:13)
  • He can tell us what to look for down the road (John16:13)

As youth workers, we call kids to a great adventure in knowing Christ. We take them on mission trips, camps, retreats, events, etc. all for the purpose of “talking with them along the road” – Luke 24:32  I think many kids reject our call to Christ because we lack adventure. Much of what I offer, in the way of outcome, is in the small end of the pool (you’ll have fun, etc.). So, if you’re looking for a ministry mentor, check out these four adventurous qualities

Look for a mentor who offers a skill (I will make you fishers of men).

Jesus made the disciples a promise. I will do this, I will teach you. Jesus didn’t just say, “Watch is course or read this book.” Find a mentor who is willing to invest in you one on one or in a small group. I haven’t found the right ministry mentor because the rewards offered me are too small. The calling too tame.

Look for a mentor who invites you to, and can deliver on, an adventure. (You will, in My name…) 

Jesus spent three years calling disciples and sending them out to do amazing things. Jesus gave his disciples His authority to His business. He sent them out and they came back saying, “Even the demons obey us!” There was excitement and joy in following. Find a mentor who gives you important things to do and their blessing and power to do it.

Look for a mentor who gives you exciting and scary things to do. (Jesus said, “You feed them”) 

When I was in master Commission, I was challenged to do things I had never done. I had never worked in a nursing home and it scared me. The home we were in was not your typical nursing home because it it had some mentally challenged mixed in. We went four to five times that year and God eased my fears and taught me how to love people unlike myself. But, that would not have happened if I was not forced to do it.

Look for a mentor who offers you a lasting great reward  (You shall sit on thrones) 

The disciples came to Jesus and said they have left all to follow him. Jesus reminded them that they will reap was more than what they gained. The disciples were worried that there would nothing left for them in the end of the journey. Jesus assured them that he had a reward waiting for them. You rmentor may not be able to offer you thrones but make sure that what they do offer is lasting.

When was the last time a mentor challenged you?

What was the most exciting/scary thing a mentor ever asked you to do? How did it go?

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