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I’m Not A Professional Youth Pastor

5 · 01 · 18

I’m a person in love with reach students. Yes, I’ve been a youth pastor, professionally, for 28 years, but that’s not why I reach and disciple students. I reach and disciple students because someone reached and discipled me.

There is something weird about saying you’re a professional youth worker. It’s like saying you’re a professional Christian. There’s no such thing. Being a youth pastor was simply the easiest way to fulfill my calling and passion.

This is not to say we shouldn’t act professionally. We should take our role and responsibilities serious and fulfill them with excellence.

Never get caught up in your “profession”. Don’t love titles. Don’t be enamored by degrees. Distance yourself from accolades. The Pharisees were professionals. We serve Jesus and the greatest title we will ever have is servant.

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