What would it be? This is a question. I have no comments other than, the course I would want is: The Rolling Stones: How To Create A Worship Band That Lasts.

So, next week I will be taking the courses you recommend and breaking it down even further. So, what youth ministry course would you take right now if it was available? Nothing off limits.


Here are a few suggestions from some pretty awesome youth pat ors I asked on the Facebook Group/Youth Pastors Only

Ministering to a Generation in Crisis

Creating A Positive Youth Ministry On A Negative Budget

A Course On Contextualization

How To Get Parents To BE Parents.

Parents or Friend? Don’t Be Afraid To Choose

Creating Effective Growth and Energizing The Students You Have

“Real Talk”: Speaking Your Students Language

“Vision and Planning a Ministry for Busy Teenagers”

Transforming Teenagers Into Disciple Makers

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