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How Will You Get Kids There? Train or Dune Buggy?

5 · 05 · 16

Trains, Dune Buggy;s

We have two ways to travel, by trains or dune buggy.

Trains are predictable. They have scheduled stops. You may even arrive on time but you have one problem, tracks. If you want to go “over there” you can’t. You have to stay on the tracks. One other thing. you are not the conductor. You have no option but to allow someone else to drive the train.

Dune Buggy’s on the other hand, are awesome. You go where you want to go, explore where you want to go, see things that train people only see from their window. You are the driver and set he course.

It’s a choice between safety and predictability vs adventure and autonomy. What will you say to your kids this summer: Get on the train or jump in my ride?

Before you choose, remember, Jesus lived in the desert.

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