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How To Get Free Youth Ministry Resources Every Month

For a long time I gave away many of my resources. I did so because I wanted to serve youth workers and bless them with stuff they could use with their youth ministry. As social media grew, so did my desire to use these new platforms to help youth workers.

With over 500 Youtube videos, almost 1,000 blog posts and close to 100 podcast episodes, I think I’m doing a fair job of offering free resources to the youth ministry community. But I think I could do more.

I am one man, so to do more I need a team. I need a team of people who believe in me and the work I do help youth workers become the best youth worker they can be. There are youth workers who have no or limited budgets and who cannot afford the resources or coaching I offer to become great youth workers. You pledge on Patreon will

  • get resources into their hands at no charge
  • get them free coaching calls
  • get them visits from me to help with their youth minister in person

Patreon is a simple, monthly way to support the work of creators like me. For your support, I am giving away exclusive lessons, sermon, video chats, etc. and more. Patreon is a community where we can share what’s going on in culture and we, as youth workers can, together, tackle the challenges before us.

So, if you would take a moment to visit my Patreon page and join me in helping youth workers all over the world make lifelong followers of Jesus.

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