So, I am entering the sometimes scary realm of podcasting. “”Why?” you ask? Don’t we have enough? Sure there are plenty of great youth ministry podcasts, but, like I say to kids even when there’s no more room on the bus, “There’s always room for one more.”. But, I don’t want to go on this journey alone. I want you to go with me through the process to create something worth your time.

I’ve already come up with the name of the podcast, Youth Ministry in Motion. The goal of the podcast is to keep you motivated and your youth ministry moving forward.  I chose this title because it’s my heart. I hate seeing youth ministries bogged down in the mud and youth workers frustrated and ready to quit way too soon.

Some of the elements you’ll be voting on through the next week will be the artwork (see below), the intro music, the podcast program elements, and closing tag lines, and more. Today, I’d like you to vote on the artwork below. And yes, I have a favorite and I’ll hope you pick it! I am sending out mental pictures, can you see it?  I look forward to taking this journey with you.


Youth_Minstry_in_motion2(1) Youth_Minstry_in_motion(1) Youth_Minstry_in_motion3(1)







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