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Hello Campers: Post Life For Youth Camp Reflections

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If you are a regular subscriber or reads of my blog, I apologize for my absence. I have been speaking this week at the best camp in the world, Life For Youth Camp. It is the camp where I found Christ, found my wife, and found a life. So, if you pardon me for a minute, I want to talk to all the great campers who had God-mazing things happening in their live this week.

Hey Campers, once again, thank you for a fantastic week. You guys are awesome!

As I promised here is your free Greatness Awaits devotional. I hope it strengthens your relationship with God, your family, and friends.

Here are the Carry Me  video I showed and a link to the follow up video, Carry Me: Why I Stayed.

ESPN Carry Me

ESPN Carry Me, Why I Stayed

Here are two links to worship songs we did. Go go download a them and then sing along as loud as you can!

One Thing Remains – Jesus Culture

Unashamed- Starfield

I Stand – Hillsong

Take It All– Hillsong

Finally, here is a my video of the Top Ten Ways To Stay Fired Up After Camp.





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