Greatness Awaits was inspired by this Playstation Commercial.

The curriculum is called Greatness Awaits and was inspired by the Playstation commercial, but it’s deeper than that.  I think that phrase “Greatness Awaits” is what God says to anyone who is looking for a new life with God. God said to Abraham, “Greatness Awaits! If you will go to this land you have never been to before” God made Abraham a promise. If you will go where I ask, trust me, I will bless all your descendants. Abraham obeyed and was blessed, Jacob obeyed and became part of The Promise, Mary and Joseph obeyed and became part of The Promise, Jesus obeyed and was He Promise, and now, our youth ministries have a chance to be part of this promise as well.

I want my youth group to expect greatness everyday because the God they serve or can serve is Great. Each lesson focuses on four of the six questions and a  Bible character to whom God made and kept His promise to. Our kids are used to broken promises from parents, teachers, our government, and even us, but when God makes a promise He keeps it. I wrote this curriculum because I want my kids to be a people of promise, who know the promises of God, and who have faith to believe that greatness awaits them no matter their past, their background, their upbringing, or their current circumstance. Start your journey today by looking at the kids in your group, point over the horizon, and say, “Who are you, because of Jesus, not to be great!”

What will you find in the new curriculum? Glad you asked

  •  Six weeks of midweek style lessons
  •  Six devotion hand out sheets
  •  Illustrations and Closers
  •  Worship Song Suggestion List
  •  Game Suggestion List
  •  Scripture Memory Cards

Oh, and there will be some bonus freebies coming your way as well.

If you would like a sample of the material, you can go download a free sample HERE

If you want to buy the curriculum you can go HERE


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