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Five Benefits To Preaching Your Pastor’s Heart

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It wasn’t abnormal, at my first church, to run into my pastor after service and ask him what he had preached on to find out that I had preached on a similar topic or strain. I loved that the Spirit seemed to be working through us in similar ways. There were other times, in other churches, where I had to speak on a particular subject because it was a whole church theme/campaign from nursery on up. I wasn’t as thrilled at those times because I felt I had to preach something someone else wanted me to preach that conflicted with what I thought students needed.

Thankfully, maturity and wisdom came into my life to see that my students needed, for a season, to be on the same page as the church. I found ways to include what they needed in the midst of the themes that were given to me. But, what if I had willingly asked my Pastor, “What series are you going into next?” and then complimented his messages with my own take?

Preaching your pastor’s heart checks a few boxes.

It shows your pastor that you’re a team player.

Students hear two messages (in a week) on the same subject from different perspectives.

It gives a sense of connection when seniors move into adult church especially if you do a yearly message or series your pastor is fond of.

If your pastor has a way with fancy words or talks above kids heads, you can interpret your pastor’s heart to them.

It will deepen your understanding of your pastor’s vision for the whole church.

There is no downside to preaching your pastor’s heart.

Take the initiative once or twice a year with your pastor and watch your stock rise.

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