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Finding Your Guests Fun Buttons

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Fun does not always mean water parks and crazy games. Fun is a good conversation. Fun is feeling welcome. Fun is meeting new people. Fun is learning something new. Every student has their definition of fun and you need tap into their idea of fun rather than presenting your own idea of what they think should be fun.

Take notice of, or ask your guests, which part of the service they most enjoyed. Their answer may tell you which part of your program they might want to plug into later on.

Worship – Maybe your guest is a believer who really enjoyed the worship time. Consider asking them if they enjoy singing or enjoy playing an instrument. Give them some time to know you and the group before asking them to participate on stage.

Games – It’s possible your guest loves being in a crowd or is competitive. Watch how they compete or play. If they’re not into games, let them sit out. If your guest likes games, consider making them a team captain next time they come.

Service – Fun for a guest may be to help and serve. You could ask the guest to help you in an illustration or ask them if they would be willing to help pick up after the meeting. In this way, you can gauge their desire to be a part of a helps ministry to the group.

Friendship – Hanging with friends is fun, but if a guest comes and doesn’t make any friends, that’s no fun and they are not likely to return. If your guest didn’t come with anyone, be sure to introduce them to as many students/leaders as possible with the hopes they’ll connect with a student or adult leader.

Here’s a simple way to find out what your guests think

Your guests came to your group because they wanted to or were promised it would be fun. It’s your job to find out what fun is to them and remember it, accentuate it and give them more of it, if you can.

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