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Every Sunday Is Declaration Day

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We can think of a Sunday morning and of church as a have to, if we are Christians. But what if we thought of it as Declaration Day. The image that conjured this article was a the song/album but The Alarm called Declaration. The album is packed with anthems decanting what is and what should be. it declares truth and the importance of freedom. Sunday’s should be viewed the same.

Sunday’s, as well as every other day, are declaration days. On Sundays we declare, corporately as the church

Jesus is alive and therefore I am too.

My sins are paid for, I can breath life deeply.

God is for me and not against me!

I have the power to live for Christ!

I have the Word of God and His Sprit to lead me to life in every circumstance.

I do not have to fear!

 I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done. Psalm 118:17

Today is Declaration Day! Enjoy ever song, every sermon, ever homily, every communion, every handshake, every altar time for they all declare who God is!

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