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End Of Year Review: The 9 Questions You Must Ask Your Students

12 · 14 · 16

Kids want to share how they feel about us and the ministry they are a part of, but too often we’re scared to ask. We think, if I just keep my head down and plan lots of stuff I’ll be alright and I won’t have to listen to any criticism. Is that what you really want? Don’t you want to know what they really think?

Hearing them out is a win-win. They get to express themselves, we get to grow, and we get to plan on purpose for the next year.

Check out this mini-workshop on doing an end of the year review and the questions you must ask your students.

What was your favorite event this year?

What was your spiritual high and low this year?

How has this youth ministry helped you grow this year?

How can I help you grow in your faith next year?

How can I be a better Leader/Youth Pastor this coming year?

What changes would you like to see in this youth ministry next year?

What skills or disciplines would you like to learn this coming year?

Did you set goals this past year? Did you achieve them? Why or why not?

Are you setting goals for the new year? Can you share one of them? How can I help you achieve them?

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