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Don’t Tell Me You’ve Tried Everything

7 · 17 · 18


You haven’t changed your habits
You haven’t changed your thinking
You haven’t prayed about it
You haven’t done research
You haven’t put in the work
You have looked for collaborators
You haven’t changed the crowd you run with
You haven’t read or listened to a book on the subject
You haven’t take steps to better yourself
You haven’t read your Bible
You haven’t taken a class
You haven’t budgeted your money                                                                                           
You haven’t gotten a second job if needed                                                                                              You haven’t searched Youtube on a way to do it                                                                        You haven’t asked for help

Commit to doing these 15 things to begin with, then I might listen, but you’ll still not have an excuse because I’ll have 15 more suggestions.

If, after all this, you still haven’t broken through or gained ground; you either didn’t want it that bad or you quit too soon.

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