I have had a few moments over the past month or so that has encouraged me to keep creating.

The first moment I experienced was meeting CJ.  CJ is long time subscriber and commenter on my YouTube channel. We recently met for the first time at the NYWC in Memphis, TN.

We only spoke for a few minutes, but his words encouraged me. He told  me that through the work I was doing on YouTube, he was inspired to start a podcast with a youth worker friend of his. I was honored to be asked to do an intro to one of their episodes. Can’t wait to hear what they create.

The second instance of inspiration came this morning when someone commented that one of my DIY video inspired him to make the logo for his church out of foam. He nailed it! You can see my video and his video below.

All this to say, if you’re a creator, don’t stop creating and putting your stuff out there. My stuff isn’t perfect, but I am faithful to put it out there and the fruit of those seeds sown, are pretty amazing.

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What are you creating that’s inspiring others?

My video

His video

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