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I normally do not blog on the weekend, but I thought this would be a fun-no brainer kind of thing. My friends over at posted a new vid on their YouTube Channel, called Christian Gamer. In essence it’s Rick giving a devotion while “playing”  the new DC game Injustice.

The episode is all about the importance of memorizing scripture and it was a really good devotion for anyone, especially a young person. But how would a young person see this? That’s the rub, I don’t have a 13 year old brain any more so I don’t know what it would be like to view this with that mindset. I pondered, “Now, where can I get a 13 year old brain? Oh, I forgot,  I have one in the house. Son come here and watch this and tell me what you think.”

He watched the video and said, “It felt like both sides of my brain were fighting to watch and listen. I only caught a little bit of each.”

I like the combination of game and devotion, but maybe a differ choice of game would be better, something not so action packed, like, golf or chess. 

Does playing the game, add to or take away from the devotion?

What game would have you played while giving the devotion.

Would you have tried to match the game with the devotion? Examples?

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  1. I like the idea! It makes me feel like you are just a real person that really cares about a regular guy like me. I am an adult, but I feel like you could reach a whole new audience like this.

    Try something mainstream rated E like ocarina of time, or a more current game that everyone can enjoy, but the “quests and swords” feels like it goes with the Christian soldier idea. If rated everyone, the violence would be less distracting. And you could put text on a transparent tab on the side.

    If you don’t play Ocarina/Windwaker, maybe your son would do the gameplay. If desired, you could do a bit of video editing if you think it helps the message. Also, explaining it as an experiment will remove the strangeness factor. Go you for a great idea! 😀

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