Are You Busy?

You may say , “Heck yeah! I’m up to my eyeballs in forms, paper work, programming, meetings, etc.”. These things are necessary, but not necessarily productive.

Busy means we’re hiding from real work that matters.
Busy means we’re in our comfort zone.
Busy means we’re working hard to maintain the status quo.
Busy means we’re we’re not moving the needle.

Productive, on the other hand, means

We’re praying and reflecting more.
We’re investing in students not online memes.
We’re not creating meetings for the sake of meetings.
We’re improving our skills instead of watching the clock.

What’s your plan today? To be busy or be productive?

Results don’t lie.

Your Turn

What do you think the difference is between busyness and productivity?

How do you know if you’re busy or productive?



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