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Blogging A.D Episode 3: Pentecost

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The continued unrest in Jerusalem is palpable. The tension and hatred between the zealots and the Romans is further  emphasized through the character Boaz who’s ready to throw down anytime, anywhere. Later on Boaz makes a killer (literally) retractable arm knife which he effectively uses later on.

Pilate is continued to be portrayed as a tough and and even vindictive Governor. His tense discussion with

Peter’s daughter, Mya (not part of scripture)  makes an understatement, “What’s so dangerous about following a rabbi?” What’s so dangerous indeed? She pushes the disciples, as only a a teenager can, after they confess they have seen Jesus.The following back and forth is funny and insightful.

She asks, “Why aren’t you out there telling everyone.”.

Peter responds by saying, “We’re waiting for the Holy Spirit.”.

She responds, “What difference will that make?”

“We’ll know when it gets here.” Peter says.

Peter is again prodded by his daughter and his lights come on. He goes into the upper room and tells the other disciples that they are going to prayer. Now, there’s no way there was 120 in the room in the scene. The Bible is pretty clear about the number of people in the upper room at the time of the the Holy Spirit’s arrive so I don’t know why the Downy and Burnett fudged on the numbers.

The disciples prayed the prayer Jesus taught them and, like a meteor, the Holy Spirit arrived and the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. I was disappointed that Acts 2 was not followed more closely with the people accusing Peter and the other disciples of being drunk. Exiting the building were a crowd of people which I can only assume were the visitors to Pentecost who heard the gospel in their own tongue.

This episode ends with Peter and John in jail and the persecution of believers and insurrectionists is heating up.

Your Turn

What did you think of this episode? Likes? Dislikes?

Were there parts of scripture you would have liked to have seen?


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