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Blogging A.D. Episode 2

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AD Ep2

If you are just jumping in on the series, you can check out my summary of episode 1 HERE.

Caution: There are spoilers (in regards to back story )

This episode begins with a compelling scene, not found in scripture, between Pilate and Caiaphas. It leaves us to imagine what could have been happening behind the scenes between these two political heavy-weights. I have no doubt there was some serious scrambling for political survival.

We know Jesus rose from the dead. When the disciples reached the tomb the reaction of John and Peter was one of normalcy, wonder, and fear. I can understand Peter being scared by the thought of Jesus coming back. He knew the meeting between them would be kind of awkward.  I also loved how the disciples argued with one another still debating whether they should stay for flee.

While the disciples gathered in secret Jesus makes his appearance to them. I love the awe struck look on the face of His followers They were virtually speechless. Jesus disappeared before Thomas could see him but returned shortly after Thomas’ declaration that he would not believe unless he touched the wounds in his hands and side. Thomas’ is not portrayed as rebellious but loyal. he desperately would like to see the Jesus alive but can’t emotionally invest until he has some proof. One thing, Thomas did not exclaim, “My Lord and My God” as he does in Scripture but only “My Lord”. Why the omission?

How often do we reach a point of emotional exhaustion where believing is more taxing than not?

There is another angry and intense scene between Pilate and Caiaphas that is ominous. In this scene, the comparison to Game of Thrones is not lost. It’s intense and angry. It is well played by Vincent Regan (Pilate) and Richard Coyle (Caiaphas).

The pace picks up as Pilate sends the guards out to find the disciples and search for the body of Jesus. You could sense a real danger on the part of the disciples as they alluded capture.

Peter is once again saved by his child hood friend and zealot. The group of zealots help Peter get out of the city using some pretty cool, although crude, Molotov Cocktails.

Once Peter escapes he and the other disciples go fishing. They once again they encounter Jesus and Peter and Jesus have their heart to heart talk. Their conversation is simple and Jesus restores Peter with a heart-felt invitation to become who Jesus had predicted he would be, The Rock.

Pilate, and Rome’s  cruelty is realized in the end as the guards, who guarded the tomb, are rounded up slaughtered in front of Caiaphas. Pilate is in full, “clean up” mode as he tries to extinguish any witnesses to the resurrection.

The ascension is pretty epic but they did leave out the angel who says “Why do you stand looking into the sky..” They may kick off episode 3 with this scene so we;ll have to wait and see. Angels are like cowbell, we need more of it.

Your Turn

Did you catch any omissions?What were they?

Do you think they impacted the story or altar the perception others would have of Jesus?

What did you think of the episode overall?

You can read my thoughts about Episode 3 here


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