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Blogging A.D. Episode 1

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I just finished watching A.D. The Bible Continues from producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnette. Did it live up to the hype? Being the first episode I give it high marks. The episode begins with the crucifixion and ends with the resurrection but it’s the in-between story lines that will make this series interesting.

Some of the backdrop  I hope the show digs into  more are:

  • The post crucifixion encounter where Peter runs into to some old child friends who are now zealots seeking to take down the Roman government. My guess is the zealots will continue to play a role.
  • Pilate  “the status quo” and Caiphas’s ““Why couldn’t this Jesus just stay dead?” political showmanship.
  • Joseph of Arimathea pushing back against the Sanhedrin

What I liked about the show :

  • The disciples were portrayed authentically, They were scared and divided in what they should do.
  • Mary’s extended role in speaking with the disciples and her unwavering faith in her Son.
  • Mary Magdalene’s extended role before the resurrection.
  • The diversity of color and and nationality among the cast.
  • The special effects were good t.v quality.

Anything I did not like?  

Not really. There are those who will nit-pick over small things (was Jesus pierced through the hands or the wrist, etc.)  but I am more interested in the over all story. I want to care about the characters, get lost in the story, enjoy the ride instead of being a t.v. Pharisee. The world needs to see and hear this story as much as they need to hear and see the Gospels that we’ve focused on for the past 50 years

One last thing: The angel who rolled away the stone was pretty epic.

We are covering the material for the next 12 weeks in our youth Sunday School. Here are some questions I might use with our youth:

If you were Peter how tempted would you be to join the Zealots to bring down Roman occupation?

If you were John, how would you have felt standing at the foot of the cross?

I you were Mary Magdalene, would you have been disappointed with Peter’s cowardice? What would you have said to him?

If you were Jospeh of Arimathea how hard would you have pushed back again the Sanhedrin knowing you are risking any promotion  to High Priest?

Put yourself in Pilate’s shoes. How tough a decision do you think this was for him? What from the scriptures would indicate this?

Your Turn

What did you most like about A.D.?

What are you looking forward to?

You can read my thoughts about Episode 2 here









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