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Avoiding Buzzer Beaters In Youth Ministry

3 · 04 · 13

One Second


Tis’ the season for buzzer beaters. I love watching buzzer beaters, but I don’t want to ever be in a situation where the game is down to one shot. Like this latest one.

The clock is always ticking in youth ministry (and life)

  • the clock in ticking until our seniors graduate from our ministry. 
  • the clock is ticking until camp (make those arrangements)
  • the clock is ticking until you are supposed to have that talk with that person (and you are ignoring it)
  • the clock is ticking until you have to turn in those receipts
  • the clock is ticking until you burn out from lack of time in rest and prayer
  • the clock is possibly ticking on our time as full time youth pastors
  • the clock is ticking on our current job/role/ministry
  • the clock is ticking until we the day we die

I don’t want my life, faith, or ministry, to come down to a buzzer beater. I want to be ahead by 20 points in the final minutes. My production on the court of life means taking every opportunity to build a relationship, share the gospel, preach that hard message, confront sin in my own life, and produce as much art, like training videos and extra articles to equip youth workers who watch their own countdowns tick down.

So, If I should be blessed enough to die at 85, here is what my count down would look like. I hope when the final second ticks off I’ll be exhausted, fulfilled, and way ahead in every area of my life.


Where are you at? What quarter of the game are you in? What event are you counting down to? Are you ahead? Tied? Behind? Where are you trying to beat the buzzer? Will your life come down to one more shot? Tell me about your countdown below.

If you are looking for more Buzzer Beater advice where I share my weekly schedule and other tips, you can check out my article Buzzer Beater Secrets For Youth Workers 

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