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7 Ways To Remind Yourself To Meet With God

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I think it was Stephen Covey who said, “Fill your calendar or someone else will.” He said this because so many people live in a state of crises or the urgent. Poor planing results in poor performance.

Yesterday, I talked about the 5 Excuses We Have To Beat To Connect With God. Today, I offer why it’s important to put God on your calendar.

You would think that since God is central to our lives we would not have to schedule God in but if we want to have uninterrupted, focused time with the Lord putting him on the calendar is not a bad idea.

We are a forgetful people and have good intentions, but good intentions do no fill our souls with joy or refresh our burned out spirits.

There are so many ways to remind yourself that time with God is important

  • You can put it in your phone in whatever reminder app you have.
  • You can actually put it on the calendar as a meeting with God. I think you’ll feel guilty if you cancel or swipe away that meeting.
  • Sticky notes are pretty simple. Write a few before you go to bed and stick them everywhere like mirrors, refrigerators, your car, etc.
  • Have a physical object like a half full glass sitting out with a sticky note on it that says “Half full is not good enough. ” Let your cup over runneth.
  • Have an accountability partner text you in the morning or send yourself a text reminder
  • Reminders from God
  • Good Habit Reminder

Our meeting with God is the most important meting of the day. Without a meeting or several meetings with God, our other meetings, work, life, won’t make sense.

For more on Stephen Covey’s time management principles you can go to this article



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