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7 Ways To Recycle That Youth Ministry Message

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You just preached a message, you wipe your brow and say, “Whewww, that’s done.” But is it? Did you work that hard for that one message that would be done 20 minutes only to be left in a computer folder? It has more life than you think.

In an article by Andy Crestodina, called The Periodic Table of Content, and in his book Content Chemistry, Andy Share the things we create can have life in other formats.

We preach a message and say we’re done, but that message has about 10 other uses if you think about it.

  1. Take your points and create Instagram posts for your kids. You can make one post with all the points or a bunch of posts you can trickle out over the next few days.
  2. Take the message and  convert it into a devotional kids can use all week.
  3. Do a recap of the message, though video (like Instagram Live/Stories) and add some points you missed because you ran out of time, the Post Youth Report.
  4. Break down the message into discussion questions for parents to use with their families.
  5. Do a poll after the message to see which point or part of the message resonated with your students the most.
  6. Interview kids after the message to see what they received from the message. This can be done in video on Instagram or Snapchat or through an audio app or your phone’s audio message recorder.
  7. Take the slides you used and make a slide show of the major points and post it on your website or on your youth’s social platforms.

Look at that. I bet you never thought you could get that many uses out of one message, huh? These are my seven, but you may have even more. Feel free to leave your idea below.

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