Three days ago I recorded my 52nd episode of The Tuesday Panic and it’s time to reflect. I am proud of what I’ve done. I did something that required me to set a time, do something technical, bring something creative to the table, and do it every week for a full year. That is not to say that I think every show I did was a winner. They were not all winners, but they were made, and that’s the point. It’s not that every video was quality but that I took the advice from Seth Godin and I shipped it, did my best work, and put it our for public consumption. That is something I am proud of.  Here are some lessons on I learned in the process

Creating YouTube Videos Is More Fun Than Blogging

Blogging requires me to thing too much. Writing is not my first language, talking is. I have always had the gift of gab but writing is something I have had to really work at. In fact it took me longer to write this post that it took me to record my 52nd video.

Trying To Be Like Others Is Hard Work

If you watch the first 1o-15 seconds of  some of my earlier videos like THIS ONE,


you can see by the intros, I thought creating funny intros were cool. In reality, not so much. I made intros because because lot of other shows had them. I enjoyed making the intros but I was too focused on the creative process than I was in creating clear and compelling content. My time, like yours is valuable, so I have quit making elaborate video intros and just jump into it saving myself and my viewers more time.

I Figured Out What I Won’t Do To Get You To Engage

I won’t argue theology.

I won’t be be outrageous for the purpose of being outrageous.

I won’t tear others down.

I won’t review stuff I don’t like or wouldn’t use.

I won’t interview people who don’t interest or challenge me.

I won’t do the show with my shirt off (I would lose subscribers, probably.)

If you want ministry salaciousness, I am not it. I am boring  but passionate about equipping youth workers and keeping it real.

Content Creation Is A Baptism Of Fire

I have been creating videos every week for  a year and I know my audience pretty well and creating content is still a struggle .Every video I create i think it will generate more comments, likes. etc. because I am progressively getting better. Better is better right?  The bad thing is, my expectations are to high. I think people want to connect but instead most people just want to consume.  The good news is that the whole process a trial by fire . With every video I go through the five stages of death after posting them

Denial – No way, this video should have done better.

Anger – Really?! You couldn’t find 10 seconds to at least say “your video sucks”

Bargaining – Watch my video Tweet Tweet Tweet, Plus Plus Plus, Pin Pin Pin. Trust me, you’ll love it or your money back.

Depression – I suck, you suck, we all suck. I quit.

Acceptance – Yes, i suck, but I can get better, Yes, you suck for not engaging but I believe you’ll come around. Next video.

Everything that does not work is burned away in the silence of my audience, including my false expectations. The good news, whatever I am left with after editing and the fire is over, I am left with something real.

Here is my 52nd Tuesday Panic


and a Thank You video with a contest for a free book



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