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5 Keys To Exceptional Disciple Making

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Three Qualities Of Effective Disciple



What does it look like in your church to get something approved? Paperwork? Meetings? Yelling? Let’s narrow this down a bit. Would your board or Pastor approve of the way you are making disciples?  Could you get your current method approved? One more. What if the Apostle Paul were on your board? Would he approve?

Some of these questions you might be able to answer and some of them you may not but I bet I can simplify the approval process for you. I was reading I Thessalonians 2:11,12 this morning and I found five keys to getting your discipleship process approved.

 “For you know that we dealt with each of you as a father deals with his own children, encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into his kingdom and glory.”

1. We dealt with each of you

The Apostle Paul did not rely in the youth meeting, church meeting, small group, or Sunday school class to do the disciple making. He spoke to each person, as an individual.

How often are having individual conversations with kids about their walk with God?

2. As a father

The Apostle Paul took it on himself to be the spiritual father of these new converts. I am a father of three and I treat each of my kids differently but some things are the same with each:

I watch my tone of voice
I listen
I withhold judgement

How can you be more fatherly with your students?

3. Encouraging

I believe encouragement is the most popular drug in the world. Everyone needs it, wants its, and desires it. People will kill for it, steal for it, and sleep with others to get it. But what if we encouraged kids souls before it got that bad?

How are you encouraging kids to life lives worthy of God?

4. Comforting

I have kids, like you, who are falling on their face in their faith walk. They are sometimes brash and rebellious but underneath they are hurting and in need of the father who can comfort them.

Which kid(s) in your youth ministry need your comfort instead of another message or program?

5. Urging

There are those kids we have who are fence riding, church hopping, warmed over, lukewarm believers who have been there and done that and are not living a life worthy of God. Staying out of trouble and coming to church is setting the bar too low for the kind of life God want for them.

Who in your youth ministry needs a sense of urgency? A fire lit under them?

The goal of the Apostle Paul was not to pad his resume or make the Thessalonian church the biggest in the land. The Apostle Paul simply wanted people to live lives worthy of God. Is that what your shooting for?

If you are looking for some material that will give you the permission to speak into kids lives I recommend these resources:

S.W.E.A.T: Getting Spiritually Fit Through Spiritual Disciplines

Submerged: Three Lessons To Take Your Kids To The Deep End


The Apostle Paul’s Guide To Living A Top Shot Faith 

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


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