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5 Critical Youth Ministry Job Interview Questions Every Youth Pastor Should Ask

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I tried the streaming app Periscope for Twitter.  It was short notice to my followers, but I gave it a shot. Thank you to the three people who watched and for watching the entire seven minutes.

I have been talking with several students lately about their call to youth ministry. One student has the opportunity to go on a interview and I gave him my five questions I like to ask. Questions will vary based on what your passions and interests are but these should give you a start.

1. Where do you think the church will be in 3-5 years?

2. What is your current process of discipleship?

3. What was the last outreach the church had? Was it successful?

4. Does the youth ministry have a budget? What has it been in the past?

5. What book are you or the staff currently reading?

I go into a little more detail for each one in the video.

Your Turn

What are your most important interview questions?

These are questions you should ask but there are questions you should be able to answer as well.

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