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47 Things I’ve Learned About My Life So Far

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47 things

I celebrated  a birthday on Sunday and it was like every other birthday filled with family and birthday wishes from friends on FB.. As I march toward the big 50 I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned. If you’re older than me you probably learned these things already but you are welcome to add some I have missed to prepare me for the future. If you are younger than me I hope that you’ll learn a few of these early rather than later (unlike me).

1. Dancing is cool at any age.

2. God is still  faithful when I am not.

3. My family is their for me when others are not.

4. It’s o.k. to cry at the movies.

5. If you continue to do what you’ve always done you’ll always have what you’ve always had.

6. People can can be really stupid and so can I.

7. Depression is not the end.

8. Being a parent is both rewarding and frustrating and I am learning to enjoy both equally.

9. Failure is never fatal and never final

10. Love is not a feeling, it’s commitment beyond feeling.

11. The habit of reading all kinds of books has served me well.

12. Being a lifelong learner pays off.

13. Stay curious.

14. Everything is a process to maturity.

15. Getting fired was not the worst thing that could happen to me.

16. I have accomplished a few things but I believe my latter years will be more productive.

17.  Always shave before putting on that dress shirt.

18. The emphasis on sex in marriage is overrated and commitment in marriage is underrated.

19. Games are still an important way to stay young at heart.

20. Getting your gall bladder out is a big deal.

21. Not everyone I think is my enemy or friend is.

22. Writing has saved me in so many ways.

23. I’ve learned to respect others and be more open minded.

24. Keeping an emotional keel is key to relational success.

25. You have to work at becoming spiritually mature.

26. It’s more important to live up to my own expectations.

27. The perfect anything is both subjective and an illusion.

28.  I love technology and watching it evolve

29.  Grace is something I’ve learned to show myself and others in greater measure.

30. Creating a legacy is about being yourself consistently.

31. Comic books are still my guilty pleasure.

32. I still surprise and disappoint myself.

33. I am called to do three things: Love people and tell the truth as I understand it and never let number two get in the way of number one.

34. Mentoring others is the best way to pay it forward.

35. T.V is a time waster and managing when it’s o.k to do that.

36. I’m not that big a deal.

37. It’s better to design the life you want than accept what the world hands you.

38. Don’t be afraid to break with the pack.

39. I can survive without coke and sweet tea.

40. First, do what pays the bills.

41. Living by the W.I.N principle (What Important Now)

42. Laughter is key to survival.

43. The Bible transcends time and circumstance.

44. YouTube is better than regular t.v.

45. Notre Dame Football still excites (and disappoints) me.

46. Creativity may be my most important asset.

47. It was tougher than you think to make this list.

Something to add? Feel free to do so in comments.


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