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4 Questions That Will Muddy Your Ministry Vision

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Repeatedly asking the wrong question is lie listening to the same same album over and over. Eventually we will get sick of the band and the music. I put together an EP of song tracks that, if played over and over in our mind, will discourage progress in our jobs, ministries, and life itself.

Questions that muddle our vision

What am I getting out of this?

When we make the ministry about us, rather than God, self becomes our focus. Jesus said, “It is better to give than receive.” and to think any other way is detrimental to our hearts. Deciding to be generous is easier than looking for the scrap blessings laying on the floor.

Why Me?

Why not you? Why not me? We are not beyond anything God puts us into. It’s easy to become haughty and proud and to think we are above or beneath something. God humbles the proud and promotes the humble. We are no better than the saints of old who asked the same thing. Peter asked, “Why do I have to site with these Gentiles?”.  Judas asked “Why did we waste this perfume, it could have been sold and given to the poor.”. Small minded people worry about Me. Generous people are concerned for others.

HERE!? Really God?

You won’t  answer this question until you’ve grown through whatever your in. You are where you are because of a choice you have made, good or bad, but God is at work wherever you are. Isaiah said, Lord send me. Isaiah never qualified where he was willing to go or not go. Although Jonah did. Who would we rather be like? Isaiah who saw the glory of God or Jonah who saw the inside of a whale?

What’s the point?

I have found that when I am floundering professionally I become miserable spiritually which, inevitably, leads me to the is question

What’s the point?

They won’t listen

They won’t show up

They won’t promote me

They won’t care

They won’t give it too me

They won’t help

Allowing these questions to play over and over again leads to a despondent heart and a clouded vision to the point that we can’t function. If we want to clear the mud from our eyes, we’ll have to start with asking better questions serve others over self.

Change the track

If you want to change your present and possibly your future, change albums. Let these tracks play over and over in your mind and you’ll eventually create a Holy Ghost earworm that won’t get out of your head.

How can I serve you?

What do you need from me to get where you are going?

How can I create opportunities for you?

How can I decrease and Christ increase?

Lord, what are you trying to teach me?

Lord, how is where I am and what I am doing preparing me for my future?

The Holy Spirit is a powerful ally. God has no desire to harm us, cause confusion, or screw us over. It’s hard to believe that sometimes but we have to be patient, ask the right questions, and God will answer in due season. Change the soundtrack and you’ll change your life.

Your Turn

Which muddy question has been clouding your vision?

Which question will clear it up?


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