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3 Traits Of A True Student Led Ministry Believer

9 · 06 · 12

I was at a campus bible club this morning and the speaker did not show up. One of the youth pastors, who is a decent speaker and a good guy, shared some thoughts from his message the night before. Nothing wrong with that, but how would True Believers have handled this differently?

We Don’t Always Come To Our Students Rescue

We have all done this, we feel like we have the have to save the moment or jump into the lead when things are not going well. If the ministry belonged to the kids this morning, the meeting would have looked like this

“Hey guys, our speaker is not here this morning, I need three students to share what they learned last night in their youth group or something that God has taught you recently.”

And then I would have waited in awkward silence until those who were supposed to do it came to the front.

We Build Student Led Ministry Into Every Ministry Opportunity

If the kids in that group knew it was their ministry they would have been prepared to share. It would have been a forgone conclusion. In fact, if they knew it was their ministry, they would not have waited until the youth pastor said it was time to start, they would have started it themselves. True Believers inject every kid with the Can Do Virus and then let it spread.

We Are Always Prepared To Give Away Our Ministry

I normally offer a time of prayer in our group where kids can come to the altar to share needs etc. Last night I gave that away. I told the kids that “tonight, you will pray for one another.” And they did. Where as, on a normal night, I amy have 1-3 come up for prayer, I think every one was prayed for that night, by another student believer.

“Is nothing sacred Paul?” No, nothing. If we truly believe that we are the best choice for every job in our youth ministry we are crazy. If we truly believe a student can do what we do, on a program we’ll give it away. I know it’s our nature to take the choice pieces for ourselves and let kids set up chairs or some other benign chore; but here are kids in our group who are called to preach and we should let them. Their are kids called to sing and we should let them. Their are kids called to lead and we should let them.

Are you a true believer?

What are some other traits of true student-led believers?


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