I have lead roughly over 1,000 youth meetings in 20 years and they all had mistakes and last night was no different. Here are the 3 things I saw wrong last night:

1. We started later than we wanted to.

2. The font size was too small (needed to be 64).

3. The microphone batteries died.

Here’s why it did not matter, God was not dependent on any of those things to move on the hearts of kids. I have made my own mistakes like preaching too long or using a bad illustrations and God did not need that either.

As I worshipped last night in the back of the room and saw the “mistakes”, I caught myself and said, “God, we’ve been here before. It means it’s going to be an amazing night.”and it was.  In every meeting I have one thing down: The Message. I know that if everything else (games, media, etc.) blows up, God will be faithful to His Word.

The result: Kids came up and signed a door with their commitment to let Christ come in and have His way.


We can do our best, double check, and things still go wrong. If we have The Word right, God will be faithful. If we are counting on everything else to do what only God can do, well,  we’re on our own.

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