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25 Things You May Not Know About Me

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You don’t know me and that’s my fault. You’ve been a faithful read and today you deserve to know more about the person behind this keyboard. Some facts are innocuous and some are fun, and some may just be weird and that’s o.k., I trust you’ll be back regardless.

1. I am married with 3 kids 20, 18, and 13

2. My current favorite You Tube channels are Lamarr Wilson, Geek and Sundry, and TWIT , and the awesomely talented AmokArts (If you have a suggestion of a channel I should subscribe to, leave a comment below)

3. I worked at a Laser Tag place in Panama City and hosted DC Talk and Grits for a private game before a show.

4. I love shopping at thrift stores.

5. My favorite place to read a book is at my public library

6. I am currently reading No More Mondays by Dan Miller, 31 Days To Regaining Your Blogging Mojo by Bryan Allain, The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks

7. I occasionally collect comic books (I’m picky and poor)

8. I am currently listening to Disciple, Daniel Bashta, and Springsteen’s Nebraska

9. I am a Notre Dame Fan (Go Irish!)

10. I live in Birmingham, Al.

11. I drive a beat up Chevy Cavalier

12. My favorite T.V shows are Person of Interest, Dr. Who, and Morning Joe ( I watch more YouTube than television)

13. I use a Mac

14. My favorite IPad app is Flipboard

15. Current places I most want to visit Ireland, Mall of America in Minnesota, and Comic Con in SanDiego

16. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York

17.  I shook Chuck Norris’s hand at a mall at a Martial Arts demo for his movie Good Guys Where Black.

18. Favorite Radio channel: NPR

19. Phone: IPhone (are there others?)

20. I am going to my first Blogging Conference this weekend: Killer Tribes

21. I wish I was cool enough to listen to bands like The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, and  The Black Keys

22. Movies I have to watch if they are on T.V.  Escape From New York, Blazing Saddles, and any Clint Eastwood Movie.

23. I love checking out local dives for good food.

24. N.Y. Giants Fan

25. I love making training videos for youth workers.

That’s it, well, not all of it but hopefully this will tide your curiosity for a while? Want to know more? Ask a a question below, I may answer it or maybe you’d like to share something about yourself, feel free.

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