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19 Simple Side-Hustles For Unemployed Youth Pastors

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These jobs aren’t just for youth pastors but they may be the most suitable. I know about many of these jobs because I’ve had to do them to make ends meet. Take a read through and see which ones might be for you.


Put your name in at your local funeral parlors and tell them you’d be available to families that do not have a pastor.


With social media, it’s easy to put your name out there and to get referrals from those whom you’ve already performed ceremonies.

Speaking/Filling Pulpits

Talk with your denomination or network about churches that do not have pastors and ask to have your name submitted as a fill in.

Wedding DJ

Most youth pastors have the personality and, if you have Spotify or other streaming services, the playlists are already made.

Substitute Teachers

Take what you can get but I recommend private schools, Christian Schools or Baccalaureate schools as the classrooms are smaller and the students are, vernally, more well behaved. Subbing isn’t like youth ministry so put your game face on.

Food/Pizza Delivery

You have lots of choices here. Be careful of the gamification of these apps. I worked for Grub Hub and if I turned down too many offers, I didn’t get top tier status of better delivery gigs but the money is good and accessible when you need it.


Clean up your car and put it to work for you. You’ll make decent money and work the hours you want to.

Temp Agency

I’ve used a temp agency in the past and found some good waitering jobs.


Typical pay is about $10 an hour and you can do it from home.

Canvassing for a roof company

You can make decent money by going though a neighborhood doing roof assessments for local roofing companies.

Dog Sitting/Walking

Dog sitting is a little more time intensive than dog walking but you can charge higher dollar for it because people believe you will take better care of their dog than a normal boarding place.

Selling Plasma

This is new for me, but you get about $100 a visit.


If you have skills like writing, music, etc. consider using Fiverr, or other online gig services, to earn extra cash. Check out my profile here.

Garage Sale Flipping

Take a Saturday and hit as many garage sales as possible, find things you have a knowledge of that the sale may be underselling, buy and sell for more on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.


This is shopping delivery service. You get orders on your phone, pick up the items and deliver.

Trash Hauler

If you have a pick up truck, offer to haul away people’s junk to the dump. Keep in mind things like time, gas, etc. when pricing.

Bus Driver

I recently read where there is a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers. Schools may be willing to pay for your CDL, which you can then use for other driving jobs. Insurance is usually part of the package when they hire you.

Lawn Mowing/Landscaping

For spring and summer, mowing, weeding flower beds, tree limb cutting, etc. is labor intensive but you can charge high dollar for your time. For winter, limb removal and leaf raking.


Whether you’re musically or vocally inclined or maybe good at teaching computer skills, etc. you can offer lessons in whatever you are good at.

Bonus: Become an Affiliate

You can become an affiliate of many things, Amazon has a pretty good program.

If you’re interested, if you recommend my coaching services, and someone purchases them, you make 10%. Sign up here.

If you find yourself between jobs, scraping to make it, I feel for you. Just remember, God is with you in he midst of it all.

If you’re needing motivation and some tips on pushing your own creative genius forward, in a godly way,

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