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16 Social and Personal Skills I Have To Get Better At In 2016 If….

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16 Social and Personal Skills I Have To Get Better At In 2016 If...

You’ll have t0 excuse me while I think out loud. Normally I’m sharing advice or inspiration with those who read this blog regularly  (thank you for reading BTW) but today I have to have a little talk with myself (have you ever had to do that?). Feel free to listen in.

I’m giving a lot of thought to 2016 already. Christmas will come and I will enjoy it but I’m a planer at heart and I’ve made some social commitments I need to honor, and the only way I can do that is by getting better at my social and personal skills.

The commitments I mentioned are to my

Fresh Impact Newsletter e-mail subscribers

My subscribers are the best. They respond as well as any other e-mail group and maybe a little bit better but sometimes I feel like I am bothering them. I only want to communicate with them when I feel like I have something to say rather than flood their e-mail box with sales stuff and spammy-ness. I want to serve them better in 2016 and offer better content than ever.

YouTube Audience

This past week I posted no videos because I was doing my job, the one I talk with my audience about all the time, so I hope they understand. After posting two videos a week for almost the past year I feel a bit tired, like I may have run of things to say. The feedback from this group is sparse which means I don’t think I’ve challenged them enough and that has to change.

My Blog Readers

You, yes you that reading this. Writing is a first love of mine. Having created videos and compared them to the written word, each have a certain place, but writing is something I can still get better at. It’s a skill I want to grow into. In order to serve you, the faithful reader, I have to expand my thoughts and ideas, become better at not snubbing my nose at shorter and more meaningful posts, and just write faithfully 5 days a week.

Like many of you who my create content as I do, I have thought about giving it all up and taking a long nap, but I just can’t do it, yet. As Rocky said in Rocky Balboa, “I still have some stuff in the basement”.  and I’ll keep creating content until I have nothing left to say or share.

So, in order to get better, to be a better servant to those in the trenches, here are the 16 social and personal skills I have to get better at, across all these platforms, if I want any chance at making an impact on people’s lives:

  1. Creating content earlier rather than in the moment. Get ahead of the game.
  2. Be more engaging by asking better questions and pushing the envelope
  3. Be more collaborative and work with those in my industry.
  4. Be timely, grab hold of timely issues and dig deeper to bring thoughtful commentary
  5. Watch less t.v, and internet.
  6. More quiet time and thinking.
  7. Reward faithfulness more frequently.
  8. Declare my value more loudly.
  9. Educate myself though classes like skillshare or Lynda
  10. Think through to the end but not overthink.
  11. Change the format up for easier digestion.
  12. Be consistent in delivery.
  13. Coax lurkers out of their holes more effectively.
  14. Sell with confidence not urgency.
  15. Create a community rather than build a soapbox.
  16. Listen, Listen, Listen.

Those are my 16, what’s on your list to get better at in 2016?

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