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10 Ways To Look Positively At Your Youth Ministry

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I am tired of that negative voice in my head. Do you know the one? The one that makes you second guess your efforts? Make you wonder if you or you’re youth meeting had any impact?

These kind of thoughts make you wonder whether you’re good enough, smart enough, or brave enough to lead your group?  It’s time to tell that voice to shut up.

Author and speaker Seth Godin calls this kind of thinking, The Lizard Brain, the part of our brain that is all about surviving, hiding, and avoiding risk, instead of thriving.

I have spent too many Thursdays (post youth meeting) rehearsing my pain to anyone who would listen. I used to, with much haste, send  up the white flag of disappointment without even looking at all the good that God did and is doing in my life and ministry. Join me in considering these statements to turn around your thinking :

  • God called you. You showed up. Remember that day.
  • Kids showed up. Maybe not as many as we’d like but they showed up.
  • A student grew in their faith, learned something new, and stepped up to lead
  • You saw where you could improve. Next week will be better because you learned something about yourself, about God, and about the students you serve
  • You lived to fight another day, to change, to grow.
  • Someone in your youth ministry loves you for who you are and would miss you if you were gone.
  • God is not disappointed with you or your group. He is proud of you and is ready to help. He is moving in your group in ways you cannot see but He is moving. He promised He would.
  • You found a way not to do something. A game didn’t work, a program element failed, etc. Let it inspire you to do it better.
  • You loved someone unconditionally and revealed the heart of God.
  • You went home to a great family or friends who don’t care if you’re a great youth pastor, leader, or communicator.

Is that negative voice picking away at you today? Tell it it’s  wrong.

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