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10 Things I Learned At A High School Campus Bible Club

I’m an area rep for an organization called First Priority. First Priority equips students, youth workers and teach sponsors with resources and training to share the gospel through Bible clubs on their school campus.

I get the honor of visiting a different school each week to see how the clubs are doing and offer any assistance. I had the chance to visit a high school about 20 minutes away and what a blessing it was.

I showed up early and watched students get prepared for club. A young lady names Spencer is the leader of her club and she and a friend held First Priority signs letting incoming students know this was First Priority day.

All Are Welcome At First Priority

After a short while the club started and a student opened up in prayer. Several students attended a D-Now retreat and they were asked to share what they had learned and what they felt God had shown them. Here are my ten take aways from this campus club meeting

Get in community
Carry each other’s burdens
Don’t try to be someone else
Find out how you relate to God, don’t mimic someone else’s walk with God.
God has given you gifts to further God’s kingdom.
God wants to be around us.
God exceeds our expectations.
Be trustworthy so others will share their burdens with you.
You don’t have to go through life alone.
Go be world changers!

The last one I heard Spencer say as the group was leaving. Fire!

Lastly, a student stood by the door to hand out candy and wished everyone a great day. Awesome stuff from beginning to end.

What a great group of students sharing God’s love with their fellow students. If you are a youth worker, may I encourage you to trust your students more? Can I ask you to train them more, invest in them more, and encourage them more? Why? Because the fruit of your labor is being played out on their high school and middle school campus.

First Priority, and any bible club, is a a great platform for emerging student leaders to use their gifts and talents to share the gospel. Don’t sleep on a students ability to do great things or even to do small things in great ways.

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