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  • An Idea
 Sometimes we just need a spark to get us started. I’ll send you a thought that gets our thinking or our programming headed in the right direction. Some examples include
  • A Resource
 Some resources come in packages. Others come individually. Every week, your inbox will have something you can use – whether it’s a single page lesson or a YouTube show for unprepared youth workers.
  • A Strategy
 Youth ministry is hard, and getting lost isn’t fun. Getting lost in youth ministry is even less fun (and scary!) because we often feel like no one is going to help us get back on the right track. I want to provide every youth worker with the strategies needed to help them keep their ministry on track and make the impact they were designed for.
  • Podcast Notes
 I host a weekly podcast to provide youth workers with some motivation to keep going and keep their ministry on track. I’ll include these podcast notes in the newsletter, so you can have them as well!
  • The Drop Notes from my show featuring how to use the latest Christian Music for bible study, worship, and the arts.

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