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  • An Idea
 Sometimes we just need a spark to get us started. I’ll send you a thought that gets our thinking or our programming headed in the right direction. Some examples include
  • A Resource
 Some resources come in packages. Others come individually. Every week, your inbox will have something you can use – whether it’s a single page lesson or a YouTube show for unprepared youth workers.
  • A Strategy
 Youth ministry is hard, and getting lost isn’t fun. Getting lost in youth ministry is even less fun (and scary!) because we often feel like no one is going to help us get back on the right track. I want to provide every youth worker with the strategies needed to help them keep their ministry on track and make the impact they were designed for.
  • Podcast Notes
 I host a weekly podcast to provide youth workers with some motivation to keep going and keep their ministry on track. I’ll include these podcast notes in the newsletter, so you can have them as well!
  • The Drop Notes from my show featuring how to use the latest Christian Music for bible study, worship, and the arts.

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32 Replies to “Resources”

  1. We have been without a minister to youth since the beginning of last summer. My husband and I have been leading the youth since last summer with a short time (6 months) during the year that our church employed a part time youth pastor. That didn’t work out so well so my husband and I are again leading the youth. The struggle we have is that we are both public school teachers which requires a lot of time during the school year. We have more time in the summer, thus we are trying to get things going again. we have one of our own children in the youth now and have had two previously. We really want to help the youth group grow spiritually and in number. I’m looking for any help with motivating our youth. I love your videos on rebuilding your youth room. Our youth building needs to be updated so bad but since our church has had a lot of turnover in staff in the past two years, we’ve declined in membership; therefore have little money for improvements. I will keep watching your videos. They are very helpful! Thanks so much!!

  2. Melissa, you and your husband are awesome people. I have worked in similar churches that were aging making it increasingly difficult to attract kids and do room updates. Maybe you could send me some pics of your room and I could offer a few ideas if you’d like.

  3. Hey Paul,
    I enjoy and value your youtube page. I would love to receive this newsletter.

  4. Well, thank you. You can sign up for my Fresh Impact Newsletter and you will receive e-mails when I create something. Thanks for your interest. Are you a youth pastor? Volunteer?

  5. Thank You! I am looking forward to receiving this info. Love your site, thanks for serving and giving back!

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