Put A Label On It

Why don’t you just say it?

“I have a problem.”

“I need help.”

“I’m struggling.”

“I can’t figure this out.”

“This is driving me crazy!”

:I have something stirring inside of me.”

Just say it,

“I don’t have a plan”

“I need help with my volunteers”

“I need help planning stuff”

“I need more discipline in my personal life”

“I have an idea I can’t seem to get out’

I’ve heard it said, you can’t solve a problem until you’ll you put a label on it.

So, put a label on it and then let me use my 30 years of ministry experience to help you solve it. 

The Question Youth Workers Should Be Asking

I was reading a blog post by Bernadette Jiwa, she starts with this question,

If you had to pick one thing you need more of in order to succeed what would that be?

If you are a youth worker, and I hope you are, you may be tempted to say, “more students” , but is more students the right answer?

Would having more students make you a better communicator, a better programmer, a better youth pastor?

Having more students might get you off the hook with the board, the deacons, or your pastor but it will do nothing for you when it comes to actually pastoring those extra kids.

More kids is a result or more patience, more training, more prayer, more love, more outreach and more disciple making.

More kids won’t make us better, it will only reveal how unprepared we are for more kids.

I think it boils down to giving someone a fish to eat for a day or teaching them to fish for a lifetime. What if I could teach you to fish so you could reach the students you desire to fill your youth program?

I am starting a master mind group for youth workers soon, but to qualify for that I need to know your serious. Purchase my 30 minutes for $30 coaching package and you’ll be placed on a list of future applicants.

During this 30 minutes we’ll get to know each other and I’ll do my best to solve one of your current problems and help you get more of what you need to reach more students.

You can check out the 30 minutes for $30 here. I look forward to giving you more of what you need.




6 Youth Ministry Coaching/Mentoring Sites To Check Out

I hope you enjoyed my week long series on finding a mentor/coach. Feel free to leave me some feedback as to whether it helped you out.

I did some scouting for you if you are looking for ministry mentoring/coaching. I know some of the people on this list and others I do not. You’ll have to check them out and see if what they offer fits your needs. No one has paid me to be linked here, this is just my own Google search.

Youth Ministry Coaching/Mentor Links

The Youth Cartel – Mark Oestreicher, Adam McClane

Youth Leaders Coach – Jeanne Mayo

YouthMinCoaches.com – Terrace Crawford, David Burke, David Olshine

YMC Network– Dewayne Moree

Real Time Coaching – Paul Turner

Lead 222 Bo Boshers

Legacy Now – Jason Carr

Have you used any of these coaching/mentoring organizations?

Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

Did I leave an organization out? Tell me and I will add it.