Bringing Back Fire To Your Youth Ministry

On my You Tube show, The Tuesday Panic, I share some thoughts on a message I am going to share tonight about the fire and the passion of the Holy Spirit . You can watch the video below

In light of what I said on the show, and still believe, I have mixed emotions and today I want to expound on the subject of the post camp Christian life and ask you a few questions.

Here was my “in house” talk with campers:

Imagine a caveman who hears or sees other tribes of people not only surviving but thriving because they have an advantage : Fire

If that caveman (men, women) wants the same for their tribe, they must leave their tribe and go looking for this fire.

Failure to bring back fire means

– Their tribe cannot cook their food
– Their tribe has no light at night
– Their tribe cannot stay warm in winter

Bringing back fire was critical for them and is spiritually critical to us. Without the fire of the Holy Spirit and His passion for Jesus Christ, our youth ministry and church:

– Cannot grow
– Cannot love each other
– Cannot fight our spiritual battles.

I encourage kids to bring back fire, not only for them but for the whole tribe. I want/encourage/desire them to show a similar amount of passion they showed at camp, but that may not be fair of me.

I don’t think that a kid who comes back from camp and doesn’t save the whole neighborhood isn’t saved or didn’t experience Jesus. I think there are other traits to the Christian life beside enthusiasm, like a deeper love for others and great understanding of grace and mercy. Enthusiasm for God seems to be the preferred trait among us Pentecostals.

What I have noticed in the Pentecostal churches I’ve worked in, is that the physical, demonstrative, display of the faith is what is valued most, so that’s what I’ve encourage in teens; but for teens to show an authentic, passionate fire we must teach them to stoke that fire through prayer, the Word, and action (loving each other, etc.).

I’d love to bring fire back to your youth ministry. If you are needing a camp/retreat speaker, please visit my booking page.

If you’re wanting/needing five days worth of  camp devotions I have them already written for you in various flavors.

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Youth Camp Tip #5 : Three Ways To Follow Up With New Commitments

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How come we spend so much time getting ready for camp but very little time on the follow up after camp? This is a question I’ve asked youth workers for years. We love to talk about camp and the camp experience and all God does in the lives of our kids, but I am thinking we count way too much on the “mountain top experiences” to carry our kids to Christian maturity; this is why I offer a few tip to get us all ready to disciple our kids after camp.

1. Create accountability partners 

For those kids who do make a commitment or recommitment to Christ, why not set up an adult to check in with them once a week to see how their commitment is going. You could also pair up more mature Christian teens to walk with new believers. This helps both teens in their walk with Christ.

2. Offer Them Resources

You may want to offer a small booklet or pamphlet a kid could read or work through themselves. I offer a resource called Get Healthy that give to my students. The journal offers them ways to get healthy in multiple area of their lives. You could also use material such as this and this 

3. Partner with Parents

Try working out a plan with parents to do the follow up with their own kids if possible. This is the best strategy and most fruitful way a teen can grow i their faith and grow closer to their parents as well.  I posted a few tips to help parents with the post camp experience called What To Expect When Your Teen Comes Home From Camp.


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How do you follow up with your students post camp?  Share your strategy below.