Let’s Not Go Over This Again

“Does it matter to a man dying in a desert by which choice of route he missed the only well?” –C S Lewis

This quote caught my attention on Twitter and reminded me, as a Pastor, that going back over someone’s life’s mistakes isn’t the road to healing.

Yes, the past matters in regards to not making the same mistakes, but what’s important isn’t that we get a full confession and an admission of guilt. What is important is that I am the water bearer and the struggling soul needs a cup of cold water, not a lecture.

The Pharisees completely missed this. They, as Jesus said,

“You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.” Matthew 23:24

Rather than rejoice with the man born blind that he can see again, that grill the whole family about whether he was ever born blind.

They became angry at Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. That’s why Jesus said,

Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.” Mark 2:27

Sadly, many people would rather hear, “You were right” than “Thank you for the water.”

We must get the order of things right. Care first, talk later.

I am learning this even more in the life of one of our kids. This student is not on the right path at the moment, They’ve missed the well many times. What he needs right now is cold water. He’s dying for living water and I am committed to giving him that in the present. Grace and love does not mean weak and stupid. I understand the choices he’s making is wrong, but I also know how God has dealt with me in my time of missing the well.

God has rebuked me in my sin and said, “Let’s move on.” It was his kindness not his judgement that drew me back to him. I am committed to this same kindness to all who are struggling and wayward.

It would sound insane if I came upon a car crash and asked the person in the car, “How did this happen?”  or “Didn’t you know you were suppose to have your seatbelt on.”  Sounds pretty callus, doesn’t it?

It’s no different in the case of a soul in chaos who just wants you to call 911 and get them some help.

It Took A Song From 1986 To Get Me Motivated


I went the thrift store the other day to buy an album I saw the day before. Well, the album I wanted had been snatched but in it’s a place I found an album that rocked my face off when I was a senior in High School. Lone Justice only put out three albums but they were all winners. All of them spoke to me and inspired me as a young man.

Today, as a middle aged man, I struggled to get motivated yesterday and then the first song on side B came on, Belfry. From note one this anthem brought me back to my idealistic high school youth and the blood in my veins began pumping vigorously. If I had a hair brush in my hand I would have owned the stage of my basement.

If you are struggling to get moving today, read the lyrics as poetry. Put your own music to it. Ring that bell of victory today.

Scarred, scourged, tattered
Vessels frayed and frail
The shield of faith is battered
But it will not lie down
To let defeat prevail

Pounding with a vengeance
Hearts that beat with light
For shining in the distance
A glimpse of the tower
Through the blood and fog

Belfry, Belfry
Belfry, ring victory’s chimes for us
Belfry, ring victory’s chimes for us

From the coldest mountain
To the deepest brine
Burst the shutters open
And let the glorious sound
Rip apart the sky

Belfry, Belfry
Belfry, ring victory’s chimes for us
Belfry, ring victory’s chimes for us

Belfry, Belfry
Belfry, ring victory’s chimes for us
Belfry, ring victory’s chimes for us

Belfry, hope has returned for good
Belfry, ring victory’s chimes for us

Ring it, ring it
Ring it, ring it
Ring it, ring it
Ring it, ring it
Ring it

Reading it not enough? Listen below


What get’s me motivated? Obviously music, but listen to my Periscope #SSSVEDA Vlog and chime in.